YABAA - Yet Another Blog About Agility?

For quite a time I was absolutely sure, that I could not help anybody by writing about my personal opinions or experiences. And if there is no value in writing for somebody, I will probably be better off spending my time in more value creating ways.

However, during the last few weeks I had lots of discussions giving me the impression that some of my expriences and insights could be of some value for others doing similar stuff as I do. Furthermore I am now convinced that writing about specific topics is of great value for myself, because it enforces me to reflect more on those topics. Since my main focus lies on applying and introducing agile methods I will probably mostly - but not exclusively - write about specific methods or insights I generated while doing exactly this.

So by now I am not anymore absolutely sure about the uselessness of my writing for others. This is a point following me through all of my life. In many things I was certain that assumptions hold true and was later convinced that good old reality thinks different.

  • Long time ago I was convinced, that I am an exorbitantly bad student - advancing from school to university convinced me that this is not generally true 
  • Long time ago I was convinced, that the US would not be a country I would like very much - traveling there convinced me that this is not true 
  • Some time ago I was convinced, that perfectly executed classical project management is the only way to succeed - Scrum and agile methods convinced me that this is absolutely false 
  • And there are many examples to be made...

What I learned from all of this is that you do not know anything for sure, until it is done and history - and even then you can discuss about facts...

So I decided to make one of my personal key insights the title of this blog: "It's Certainly Uncertain". Hoping, I will discover many, many more wrong assumptions in my further life and keep on learning.

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