It's not the Manager, Stupid!

There is not only plenty of talk about corporate culture. Another beloved target when talking about grievances in organizations are managers. This is not very surprising, since by nature they hold exposed roles and have great impact on the organization and its members. Additionally you will easily find flaws in every single manager, which makes him an easy target.

Bad news here: The manager is not the problem! The manager is a human individual like you and me. Of course he has his mistakes. As you and I have, too. Only do this mistakes have a much greater impact than do those of your fellow workers.

The real problem is, that the system he works in allows his errors to have such an enormous effect. There are only few mechanisms to mitigate bad decisions met by individual managers. Besides this many organizations do not have working mechanisms to cope with individuals not suitable for such a position (if they once have the position). Such mechanisms (for coping with organizational dept) are certainly a key success factor for sustainable successful organizations.

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