Empower! Your! Teams!

Empower the Team!
I have seen it time and again: Teams that would probably be able to be high performaning, but are not able to live up to their potential. Why? Because they are used, seen and organized as efficient task processing units.

Most teams could deliver a much greater performance and experience, if they would only be given serious challenges and the freedom to act.

Unleash the potential of your teams and

  • compose them in a way that they are able to resolve real holistic challenges (you might call it cross-functional)
  • let them use their creative potential by not giving them only tasks - but challenges (maybe a Product Owner that writes some demanding and sufficiently unclear User Stories)
  • let them really self-organize and find the best local process to resolve those challenges
  • let them evolve as a team (and not only a bunch of individuals) - e.g. have carreer paths for teams
  • tell them clearly what they are responsible for and what not
  • give them some useful coaching (e.g. a ScrumMaster)

You might now say: Hey, that sounds like I should do Scrum with my teams. But the bad news is: Scrum is only a process and might probably help you to identify the problem of an underperforming team. But it will not solve your problems. Besides this, Scrum has the disadvantage to introduce the roles ScrumMaster and Product Owner, which empirically draw to much attention away from the teams.

So - don't wait! Not for Scrum and not for any other useful or useless framework. Start tomorrow and seek ways to EMPOWER YOUR TEAMS!

Disclaimer: I love Scrum! It is the best framework for software development I have seen so far. The roles Product Owner and ScrumMaster are very essential and useful roles and in my opinion absolutely necessary. Nevertheless you should never forget, that the ultimate goal should always be to deliver a great product - which lays in the hands of the team in great parts!

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