Public Secrets of Mount Change

Change is hard!

To change something does always mean, to risk something - to loose something. In exchange we always have the chance and hope to win something. Ideally, we loose something bad and win something good. But we do almost never know...

What we know is, that it is deeply human trying to adhere to the current state.We call that e.g.
So: Change is hard!

Does this mean that you should never change? No! But if you think you have to face a big change initiative, you should be able to really answer two questions for yourself:
  1. Is there a desire, necessity or urgency perceptible that will make the effort of climbing Mount Change seem smaller than bearing the consequences of standing still?
  2. Do you have a clear vision, mission or goal that will ensure that people roll down Mount Change together and in the right direction?

Only if you have clear and simply understandable answers to these two questions, you should start your efforts. For that you will not forever start and never reach the top of Mount Change. Nor will you roll down the hill and fall of some cliff because some people took the wrong direction.

Don't misunderstand me. You are not done with answering these two questions. But it is an important point to start. And you are ready to take up your hiking stick, then. Good reads on the change topic are:

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