A Lean Startup Experiment

Today we (Sven Schäfer, Sven Winkler and myself) are starting a lean startup experiment. We all took one week of and want to explore, how to apply lean startup methods and how much of an app we are able to develop in this time. The experiment startet this morning at 9:00 CEST in the coworking space in Nuremberg. It will be finished on Friday evening - no matter what we accomplished in that time. We are now eager to learn :-)

Our first step currently is to formulate and validate our first hypothesis, which is: "In addition to Facebook and Google+, there is still room for an app that allows parents to share and show photos of their children in a clear, easy and secure manner."

We do currently try to validate this hypothesis in two ways:

  1. We set up sites on Facebook and Google+ and uploaded photos of a paper prototype of our new app. We liked and postet on this platforms and will observe how many likes and "+1" we will get. If there will be a great number of likes, this is one indicator, that our hypothesis might be right. If nobody likes - we might be wrong with our assumption.
    Help us with feedback and have a look at our social media pages on Google+ and Facebook
  2. We will soon go outside into the city of Nuremberg and try to show our paper prototype to some passers-by. We will observe their reaction and therefrom derive, whether our hypothesis is right or wrong. This channel has the advantage, that we can ask for additional feedback and maybe adapt the initial idea and to formulate new hypotheses.
First paper prototyp of the ThatsMyKid app.
Retrospectives of all days can be found here:

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