Lean Startup Experiment - Day 3

Day 3 of our experiment is over. It was a day full of work and (from our point of view) huge progress on the project. We improved the layout massively and included some hints on the page about our intentions. We got the large image view working and took care of some legal aspects. You are now able to register yourself as a prospect customer by clicking on the login button and sending an email. We solved several infrastructural problems including deploying our app to the Amazon cloud (EC2).
If you would have asked us this morning, if we would be able to accomplish this - nobody of us would have said "yes" probably :-) It was a great day and we learned a great deal of things about all the new frameworks and technology we never used before!

Sven working hard to keep the backlog up-to-date. We are working to fast :-)
We are very proud of our layout. Especially because there are no designers in our team. If you like our design, too - or hate it: Please tell us! We need feedback! Fastly! (You may use the comments section, for example)

The current UI prototype contains some description on what we want to achieve. We love it :-)

Key learnings of Day 3

  • Working with lower outside temperatures is MUUUCH better!!!
  • JavaScript is shit
  • JavaScript is cool
  • We did not get any customer feedback today - which we regret. We will have to improve on that massively tomorrow!
  • On the other side - we got a lot of things done, which was really great fun!
  • IT guys cannot live without becoming sarcastic - even if successful ;-)
  • We think the purpose of our project is not clear enough for visitors on the first view. We will have to improve massively on that!
  • We are not able to acquire enough prospect customers by doing marketing over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter only. We will have to try out other marketing mechanisms.
Our main goal in the next two days is to come so far as to be able to go outside and sell our idea to passers-by. Functionality of the site should be so far, that those people will immediately see a value for themselves in using our project. Ambitious goal! Let's see...

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