Lean Startup Experiment - Day 1

At this moment the first day of our lean startup experiment is at an end. What did we accomplish today? Essentially, we "proved" our hypothesis, that there might be some interest in an application as we imagine it. Additionally we got some valuable feedback for our app based on the paper prototype we constructed in the morning.
Paper prototype of ThatsMyKid

Sven showing our valuable feedback vom passers-by
Key learnings for today:
  • The paper prototype massively helped us to show people, what our idea of the app is. The feedback for our prototype was very helpful and good. Having something to present and touch is an invaluable advantage!
  • Feedback from potential future customers can be very motivating. Get feedback from customers as fast as possible!
  • Establishing a backlog - even for a product you have a relatively clear vision of - is hard. It is hard work to focus on the key features of your product!
  • The last step today was setting up the infrastructure to build a first prototype, which was very time consuming. We didn't expect it to be that hard. Even if many Google services (which our technology stack depends heavily upon) are really easy and convenient to use.

Preliminary ThatsMyKid logo
A lot is done. But there is still more to do...

We are now keen to see, what we will be able to deliver after the second day of our little lean startup experiment. Stay in touch!

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